Monday, 19 June 2017

Diversity & Inclusion Conference - 4th July 2017 Tidworth

The Department of Manning (Army) (DM(A)) will host the annual D&I Conference on 04 Jul 17 in Tidworth, Wiltshire. 
The conference is open to Commanding Officers (COs), Regular and Reserve Army Equality & Diversity Advisers (EDA), Assistant EDAs (AEDA, Unit Welfare Officers (UWO), Chain of Command (CoC), Regimental Career Management Officers (RCMO), Adjts and Comd Sgt Majs. EDAs and AEDAs from the RN, RAF and Civil Service who are working within the Army TLB are also encouraged to attend.
Further details on the conference are outlined in ABN 52/17 on DII and registration closes 29th June 2017​