Friday, 3 February 2017

YMCA Level 2 Gym Qualification

There is a fantastic opportunity to qualify 5 dependants with a YMCA level 2 Gym, Spinning & circuit training instructors qualification, it will be hosted in Bielefeld this year. Course dates tbc.
The course is open to:
• UKBC’s & DEPs, Mil pers.
• Applicants are required to show proof that you have 12 months + left to serve in BFG.
• Must be dedicated and committed to provide at least one class per week when not on leave or sick within your Gymnasium. This will be logged as part of the continual professional development process.

Nominated candidates must be physically fit to attended the course. Anyone who is interested is to contact SSgt (SSI) Asher RAPTC on 5241842299. If you would like to discuss the course, please come in to the regimental gym on Mansergh Bks for a one to one chat.