Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Returning Tax Free Vehicles to UK from Germany

Returning Tax Free Vehicles to UK at end of Tour in Germany

Published: 22 July 2016

All members of British Forces Germany, including civilian staff, contractors and dependants, should be aware that they must keep any tax free motor vehicle for a minimum of 12 months from the first day of its BFG registration.  BFG Customs and Immigration staff work closely with HMRC and the DVLA and are informed when any vehicle has its ownership transferred early. 

This key benefit of service in Germany must be protected; early disposals will result in administrative or disciplinary action being taken.  If you need disposal advice please contact BFG Customs and Immigration on:
  • HQ BFG C&I          -  Tel: Bielefeld Mil (81) 2711
  • G├╝tersloh Station -  Tel: Bielefeld Mil (81) 2633
  • Paderborn Station - Tel: Paderborn Mil (79) 4279