Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Security Advice Reminder


Movement by Road

As you will be travelling by road to the UK, your attention is drawn to the threat posed by Human Traffickers/Stowaways, who may attempt to gain entry to your vehicles, with the aim of travelling illegally into the UK. The advice is that if you stop on an auto route within 80 Km of a Channel Port, the drivers should check their luggage compartments prior to entering the port Authority area at the SPOD .

Offers of Cash.

Please brief your fellow travellers that there is a very real possibility that they will be approached at all Channel ports and offered cash to smuggle people into the UK.

In addition, drivers may be approached with similar offers of cash at other locations away from the ports.

Any such approach to the driver or passengers must be reported to the police.

The Penalties

Although the offer of a large sum of cash is tempting, if personnel are caught by the UK Border Force the minimum fine imposed will be £2,000 per person smuggled plus a possible (minimum of 12 months) term in gaol (in addition, the MOD receives the same fine). Such requests for passage to the UK are not confined to drivers/passengers of cars, coach passengers have also been approached in the past.

Of note is that on 24 Feb 14, a British couple were sentenced to 15 months gaol for attempting to smuggle 4 illegal immigrants in to the UK in their vehicle via the Port of Calais.

Legal Advice .

In the event of stowaways being discovered, Director Army Legal advice is as follows:
a. Should a stowaway be found, he/she should be invited to leave the vehicle (using appropriate language and/or gesture).
b. If they refuse, they should be warned that the local police ("gendarme") will be called to forcibly remove them.
c. No attempt should be made to forcibly remove any stowaway, even if this means that the vehicle is prevented from catching the train or ferry due to non-arrival of civil police in time.
d. Any actions taken, including the departure of any stowaways at the first time of asking, must be documented in order to rebut any subsequent allegations of assault and/or injury.
e. In connection with this, personnel searching military vehicles should not act alone; they should act at least in pairs so there is a witness to any action taken.
f. In the event of an incident involving, for example, any allegation of assault and/or injury then the convoy/vehicle commander should seek legal advice through the duty officer chain as soon as possible.

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