Thursday, 15 October 2015

Tax-Free Rules for Transferring Residence in Germany

If you are leaving BFG and not returning to the UK you are required to complete a BFG F38Ü (BFG export certificate) for each of your vehicles. If you are staying in Germany you are entitled to transfer you tax free vehicle (and motorcycle if you have one) onto the local economy without any tax liability provided you adhere to two restrictions (that are applicable to all NATO sending states in Germany).

Firstly: you must have owned your tax free vehicle and had it BFG registered for at least six months prior to discharge. If your vehicle is less than 6 months old you will be liable to pay the full import duty (19% as at 1 Oct 14 on the amount you paid for it).

Secondly: you must retain the vehicle in your possession for at least 12 months after your discharge date. During this time you are not permitted to loan or hire the vehicle out to a third party.

Provided you apply for your BFG export certificate (BFG F38Ü) and stick to the two rules detailed above you will not be charged any import duty and you may also sell your vehicle after the 12 months have past as if it were a normal tax paid vehicle. The BFG F38Ü is available in your LVLO, BFG office or for download at: